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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival 2018

Program 38: My Best Friend (Mi mejor amigo)

Directed by Martin Deus

Subtitled, Next Generation Series, Narrative Feature, Sunday, Oct. 14 / Argentina / 2018 / 90 mins / Spanish with English subtitles / New York State Premiere

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Program 38: My Best Friend

Little Theatre 1
October 14, 2018 3:30 pm Buy Tickets


Lorenzo is a classic bookworm: quiet, crazy skinny, the last kid to get picked for soccer, his face stuck in the pages of a science fiction novel. But he also has an intensity and a sense of responsibility which goes beyond the typical teenager. Protected by loving parents, Lorenzo seems at peace, if a little lonely, growing up in a small city in Argentina.

His home life changes abruptly when they take in Caíto, the son of his father’s best friend, who has just been through a horrible accident – an event so awful that no one is willing to discuss it. Only a year older than Lorenzo, Caíto is a very different boy – athletic, tough, already looking and acting like a handsome young man. Despite this toughness, Lorenzo’s father mysteriously asks him to keep an eye on Caíto, not to leave him alone.

After Caíto wanders off one night, sending the family into a panic, Lorenzo’s mom decides that enough is enough: She cannot handle the stress of parenting this wild boy. Lorenzo, knowing Caíto’s deep pain, begs her to let him stay, promising that he will take charge of things – making sure Caíto gets up in the morning and gets to work on time, keeping Caíto out of trouble.

As the boys spend more and more time together, they develop a deep connection despite their different backgrounds and personalities. Lorenzo pushes Caíto to talk about his life, and Caíto pushes Lorenzo to take more risks. But when Caíto’s problems become more serious, how will they find a solution?

Filled with strong and subtle performances, particularly from the remarkable young actor Angelo Mutti Spinetta as Lorenzo, My Best Friend is a film not to be missed, tracing a teenage friendship that will linger with audiences long after the film ends.

— J. O’Neill


  • GRAND PRIX, BEST FEATURE –Mix Milano Film Festival
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Frameline San Francisco Int’l LGBTQ Film Festival
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – OutFilm Connecticut LGBT Film Festival
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Festival de Cine de Lima (Peru)

Dates & Times

Program 38: My Best Friend

Little Theatre 1
October 14, 2018 3:30 pm Buy Tickets