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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival 2018

Program 12: Love Me 4 Me

Shorts Program, Sunday, Oct. 7 / 91 mins

Program 12: Love Me 4 Me

Little Theatre 1
October 7, 2018 12:15 pm Buy Tickets


As Karen Carpenter once sang: “You’ve got to love me for what I am, for simply being me.” This collection of shorts shows how it’s sometimes difficult to connect with people because of who they think you are.

Our 2018 Shorts Programs are made possible through the generosity of longtime ImageOut supporters David D. Emert and Jon P. Templin.

In This Program

  1. Sparrow

    Welby Ings / New Zealand / 2016 / 15 mins
    A beautiful story of a small boy who is teased because he thinks he can fly. When the truth about his war veteran grandfather is discovered, he finally finds the strength to stand up to the school bullies.

  2. Foreign Lovers

    Timothy Ryan Hickernell / USA / 2018 / 19 mins
    A lonely New Yorker serendipitously meets a mysterious foreigner and sparks ignite. A meditation on life and love in the digital age.

  3. Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart (Simani ke’hotam al libha)

    Omer Tobi / Israel / 2018 / 13 mins
    A gay sauna encounter between a young man and an older man becomes an unexpected lesson about love.

  4. The Things You Think I’m Thinking

    Sherren Lee / Canada / 2018 / 14 mins
    A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man. After the bar, they go back to his apartment, where he faces his demons as he attempts to experience intimacy for the first time since his accident, ten years ago.

  5. For The Good Times

    Andrés Daniel Sainz / Spain / 2017 / 30 mins
    On the birthday of the patriarch of the family, one of his sons decides to come out of the closet and test the tolerance of those dearest to him.

Dates & Times

Program 12: Love Me 4 Me

Little Theatre 1
October 7, 2018 12:15 pm Buy Tickets