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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival 2018

Programmer’s Message

ImageOut 26: Questions & Answers

Every year, I get asked the same question: aren’t you tired of doing ImageOut. To which my typical response is always a simple yes, followed by a laughter. The truth is I still get very excited when the latest Festival guide is released every year. I still feel a sense of accomplishment when I think that there are at least 66 films from 23 different countries that would otherwise not be screening in Rochester this year if not for ImageOut. I am fueled by the same drive and enthusiasm that every ImageOut volunteer has. Hats off to all my cohorts in this endeavor.

The most popular request I get around this time of the year is about naming my favorite films in the lineup. That’s always tough. But I can tell you that I am quite happy that many filmmakers are taking on darker themes in their movies. Perhaps many of them are simply reacting to the bleak political climate that is the reality for most of us. Whatever it is, I am glad it is providing some crazy inspiration. And for that reason, I highly recommend the ImageOut There! Series this year.

It continues to be a challenge to put together a strong lineup that we can all be proud of. But we did it once again. The other day, someone told me that their young gay son and his boyfriend do not feel they need or want the Festival. I told the parent that when these young people are a little more stable and are tired of barhopping and drinking away the weekends, they eventually show up at our screenings. Or when they break up. HA!

But you, our biggest fans and supporters do not need excuses to come join us at the movies. Because you know it will be fun, educational, entertaining, and eye-opening. And we’re just talking about my outfits.

See you soon and help us spread the word!

Michael Gamilla
ImageOut Programming Director