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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival 2018

ImageOut There! Series – Que Horror!

For its eleventh edition, our ImageOut There! Series returns to the basics: fantasy, sci-fi, monsters, graphic sex, violence, and just overall cranked-up quirkiness. They’re everything we love about this series. It is such a privilege that we have this sidebar at the Festival so we can highlight films that most LGBTQ festivals won’t even touch. At the same time, we appreciate the fans who have supported these cinematic challenges all throughout the years.

So this year, we dare you …

Pulse finds a happy gay couple out for a relaxing vacation in the English countryside, but they get more than they bargained for when one of them can’t resist taunting the Christian owner of the bed and breakfast where they’re staying. Then when a mysterious additional guest arrives, things turn for the deadly.

Colo de Mono is a family drama and a gay erotic thriller all rolled into one. We meet brothers Borja and Vicente who discover one Christmas Eve that they have more common interests than they ever imagined. This film tips the Out-There scale for its graphic sexuality and violence. And one very dysfunctional family.

Good Manners, at its heart, tells the tale of two love stories: one romantic and one familial. Each is just as fascinating and intriguing as the other. And yes, this is the creature movie and it’s probably best to let the movie surprise you.

So I hope you’ll enjoy this year’s sidebar. Remember: Be bold and adventurous and catch an ImageOut There! screening.

Michael Gamilla
ImageOut Programming Director

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