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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival 2018

Special Guests

Check back often for announcements on which filmmakers will be attending the Festival!
Please note that guest appearances are subject to change.

Program3: Flower City Flicks
Shai Ben-Dor | Director | The Long Trail Out

Shai Ben-Dor is a Brooklyn based cinematographer and editor from Goshen NY. His passions lie in creating films that make people care about people. Using powerful individual stories to exemplify greater issues in our society. The Long Trail Out is his first major independent film venture.


Program3: Flower City Flicks
Tim Buchanan | Documentary Subject | The Long Trail Out

Tim Buchanan, a lifelong youth worker, from East Aurora has lived his entire life quietly hiding his sexuality. Now with the recent debut of The Long Trail Out he is currently working on touring high schools and colleges. Using the film to foster LGBTQ conversations and understanding.


Program3: Flower City Flicks
Joseph Ressler | Director | My Brother Blake

Joseph Ressler is a professional photojournalist, artist, and filmmaker from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As a recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he is passionate about focusing his work on the LGBTQ community. The intimate film about his own twin, My Brother Blake, has now been featured across the country.


Program3: Flower City Flicks
Blake Ressler | Documentary Subject | My Brother Blake

From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Blake Ressler is the subject of the documentary My Brother Blake, which tells the story of his transition and addiction recovery. Now with over a year of sobriety, he is working towards furthering his transition and using his talents to help others.


Program 13: Man Made
Dom Giovon | Documentary Subject

Dom Giovon aka lil one is a transmale rapper/bodybuilder based out of St. Paul Minnesota. Adopted at a young age, he spent years trying to find himself. But once he did, the rest is history. He is now an advocate, public speaker, and performer around the twin cities along with touring with the documentary, Man Made. There is so much more to come for this young man so just wait and see!


Program 14: You Should Meet My Son 2!
Keith Hartman | Writer/Director

Keith Hartman is an award-winning novelist and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. You can find out all his dirty little secrets at



Program 14: You Should Meet My Son 2!
Tyler Richmeier | Actor

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Tyler Richmeier is excited to be debuting in his first feature-length film. Tyler’s introduction to acting began on stage, primarily focusing on theater. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts, changing his focus to on-camera work toward the end of his college career. After moving to Los Angeles, he continued his training in LA at AMAW, UCB, and (currently) Margie Haber Studios. He’s very thankful to have had the opportunity to work on this project. He has nothing but great things to say about the cast and crew and he believes the film itself brings up some important conversations.

Program 14: You Should Meet My Son 2!
Emory Duncan | Actor

Emory was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He began his career as an actor in the cast of the Texas Renaissance Festival and was consistently acting in community plays and musicals by age 14. He starred in his high school’s senior musical production of Footloose as Ren McCormack, inspiring him to pursue both acting and music full time. Emory graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film, before moving to Los Angeles the following day. Emory is also an independent musician and recording artist. He currently sings and plays guitar in the indie/alt rock band, The Recents.