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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival

Program 13: Like Foam

Como la espuma

Directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo

Subtitled, Narrative Feature, Sunday, Oct. 8 / Spain / 2016 / 93 mins / Spanish with English subtitles / New York State Premiere

Program 13: Like Foam

Little Theatre 1
October 8, 2017 12:45 pm Buy Tickets


Desperate times require desperate measures. When Gus attempts to cheer up his friend Milo on his birthday, it goes disastrously wrong. Milo has been confined to a wheelchair following an accident, and Gus’s attempt to reintroduce him to the gay club scene backfires horribly, making Milo even more bitter than ever.

Gus then decides, totally behind Milo’s back, to reclaim a favor from a friend, Camila, a socially very well connected and glamorous transgender woman. Using the magic of texting, Camila rapidly arranges for hundreds of strangers to stop by Milo’s magnificent mansion for an impromptu after-hours orgy. Not surprisingly, Milo is furious about this birthday surprise.

But once started, the party can’t be stopped. And the cast of characters who arrive is vast and varied, from a married couple who has lost their sense of passion and are (maybe?) on the hunt for new adventures, to an older woman in search of an important person from her past. As unlikely pairings (and trios) begin to occur, the partygoers learn that intimacy can bring up unexpected feelings and lead to new and interesting connections, like pieces falling in a game of sexual Tetris.

Meanwhile, Milo discovers that his old flame Mario has shown up, making things even harder. As the party grows increasingly chaotic – with a cannon spewing foam across the partygoers – will Milo stubbornly stick to his lonely outlook, or will he learn to let go and break free?

Writer and director Roberto Pérez Toledo has concocted a thoughtful sex comedy, full of humorous moments, deep conversations, and a smorgasbord of smoldering Spanish hotties. Full of unexpected twists and turns that surprise the characters (as well as us viewers), Like Foam contemplates just what it means to connect in our modern world.

— J. O’Neill




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Dates & Times

Program 13: Like Foam

Little Theatre 1
October 8, 2017 12:45 pm Buy Tickets