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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival

ImageOut There! Series – A Matter of Trust

For the past ten years, the ImageOut There! Series has given your faithful programmers an opportunity to get weird, wild, and sometimes downright kinky with our film selections. Specializing in those movies that are a bit darker, sexier, and more provocative than your average bear, this is a series for those whose tastes lean toward the downright dangerous.

But blood and bare bits aren’t the only thing on our minds (we swear!). These films have plenty to say about the modern LGBT experience, in addition to providing viewers with a few thrills and chills along the way. This year, a common theme quickly rose to the surface, and our tenth ImageOut There! Series presents three twisted psychological thrillers that ask our audiences to question what’s going on beneath the surface. Because as we all know, appearances can often be deceiving.

B&B finds a happy gay couple out for a relaxing vacation in the English countryside, but they get more than they bargained for when one of them can’t resist taunting the Christian owner of the bed and breakfast where they’re staying. Then when a mysterious additional guest arrives, things turn for the deadly.

The Aussie thriller Bad Girl follows a rebellious, trouble-making teen whose parents believe a new environment might set her on the right path. And when she strikes up a new friendship with the sweet girl next door, they think the positive influence might be just what she needs. Of course, that turns out to be anything but the case.

The most unusual of the bunch, The Strange Ones takes a straightforward setup—two brothers on a cross-country camping trip—and turns it completely on its head. There are early signs that all is not well on this idyllic excursion, and it soon becomes clear that the brothers are desperate to escape something in their past. And as we learn more about our protagonists, the less we’re able to trust anything they do or say. With Magic Mike ‘s hunky Alex Pettyfer on hand to provide some delicious eye candy, this is one road trip you won’t soon forget.

By now you know when it comes to our ImageOut There! Series, always expect the unexpected. So when you buy a ticket to any of these films, settle in, don’t forget to breathe, and remember: trust no one.

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