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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival


Foreign films with English subtitles. Please note that some films that include English dialogue are not fully subtitled.

  1. Program 33: Gloria and Grace

    Flavio R. Tambellini / Subtitled, Narrative Feature, Saturday, Oct. 14 / Brazil / 2016 / 96 mins
    Gloria and Grace is a heartwarming story not as much about being trans as about being family. It’s about discovering an ability to outgrow the boxes we build for ourselves and others in our lives. The film has been garnering awards in the festival circuit for a reason: it’s a true crowd-pleaser, suitable for allies and mainstream audiences alike. So be sure to bring your family and friends!
    Program 33: Gloria and Grace

    Dryden Theatre (George Eastman House)
    October 14, 2017 1:45 pm Buy Tickets