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ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film Festival

Program 15: Hello and Goodbye

Shorts Program, Special Guests, Sunday, Oct. 8 / 96 mins

Program 15: Hello and Goodbye

Little Theatre 1
October 8, 2017 3:15 pm Buy Tickets


These dramatic shorts show the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with connecting with another person.

Our 2017 Shorts Programs are made possible through the generosity of longtime ImageOut supporters David D. Emert and Jon P. Templin.


We welcome Gary Jaffe, Writer/Co-Director of Sunset, as our special guest. Gary will be available for Q&A following the program.


In This Program

  1. Please Hold

    Jerell Rosales / USA / 2016 / 15 mins
    Danny gets an unexpected source of comfort after a call to a condom company’s customer service line.

  2. TommyTeen18

    Vincent Fitz-Jim / Netherlands / 2017 / 17 mins
    Longing to experience a sexual encounter with a man, 15-year-old Tommy discovers a popular gay dating app that might offer the only solution.

  3. Marz

    Bobby Yan / USA / 2016 / 12 mins
    A childhood friendship is put to the test after a fleeting encounter stirs up uncomfortable feelings and emotions that neither are equipped to answer.

  4. Sunset

    Gary Jaffe & Katie Ennis / Special Guests / USA / 2017 / 15 mins
    In spring 1942, a young duty-bound gay man must decide whether to serve overseas or stay in New York City with his streetwise lover.

  5. Visitor

    Daniyar Aynitdinov / Russia, USA / 2017 / 7 mins
    After receiving an emotional message from his estranged father, a Russian gay man cruises the internet in hopes of finding solace in a casual BDSM hookup.

  6. Scar Tissue

    Nish Gera / Netherlands / 2017 / 15 mins
    A casual hookup takes an intimate turn when Sami, a Syrian refugee from Damascus, meets Johan. In the course of a night in Amsterdam, the two men will confront some truths, and unsettling secrets, about the very different worlds they come from.

  7. Sisak

    Faraz Ansari / India / 2017 / 15 mins
    Set entirely in the bustling Mumbai local trains, this poignant film illustrates how the language of love can go unspoken for many people.

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Dates & Times

Program 15: Hello and Goodbye

Little Theatre 1
October 8, 2017 3:15 pm Buy Tickets