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ImageOut Art


By Evan Bobrow and Kes Efstathiou

ImageOut and Gallery Q are partnering to exhibit works by Evan Bobrow and Kes Efstathiou with the exhibition, Scouting, which opened September 6 at Gallery Q. Connecting through a mutual

interest in depicting the landscape, Bobrow and Efstathiou will be bringing their own contemporary perspectives to the genre.

Evan Bobrow is a Rochester artist whose art practice blends technical drawing, collage, and illustration. Currently they are focusing on mapping both real and imagined landscapes. They received a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018, with minors in Design and Computer Science. This fall they will have residencies at Visual Studies Workshop and Alfred University.


Kes Efstathiou is an emerging artist based in Rochester, New York. His current practice and research grapples with societal perceptions of masculinity, the consumption of nature, and humor. Largely influenced by the history of landscape photography and commercial depictions of the outdoor industry, Kes uses a stereotypical western landscape as a backdrop to his disguised self portraits and still life photographs. In his free time, Kes enjoys exploring both real and fake nature. He earned his Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology and his Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Montana State University – Bozeman.

The exhibition will be on view through September 26 during regular Out Alliance hours. Gallery Q is located at 100 College Avenue, Rochester, New York.

Visual Studies Workshop Continutes to Support ImageOut Artists

This year ImageOut continued its partnership with Visual Studies Workshop (VSW). Each year the organizations work together on an art related event. This year, VSW is sponsoring a residency for Kes Efstathiou, one of the artists whose work is on view at Gallery Q during the month of September. The residency at VSW will allow Kes to develop new ideas related to his ongoing interest in the outdoor industry and how photography and advertising are used to display outdoor activities as idealistic and effortless. His new work will examine representation within the outdoor community and the power photography plays within advertising to creative a seemingly inclusive industry. Stop by VSW between September 4 and October 6 to see what Kes is working on. Also be on the lookout for ImageOut artist Evan Bobrow as they have a residency at VSW from October 9 through November 3. For their residency, Evan plans to use slides from VSW’s archives, their family’s personal collection, and their collection from the Rochester Strasenburgh Planetarium dome shows to construct a series of images and artifacts conveying an imagined world through the language of science museum exhibits. The new artifacts might include manuals, maps, slide viewing stations with augmented or fabricated slides, and small trinkets (made using 3d printers, laser cutters, and the machine shop available at the Rochester Makerspace). By appropriating institutional frameworks Evan aims to legitimize childhood fantasies as subject and object.

Visual Studies Workshop is located at 31 Prince Street, Rochester, New York 14607. Support for VSW’s exhibitions came from Max and Marian Farash Foundation, Joy of Giving Something, and the New York State Council on the Arts Visual Arts program.