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Program 21: Something’s Comin’ Over Me (Shorts)

Our 2019 Shorts Programs are made possible through the gererosity of longtime ImageOut supporters David D. Emert and Jon P. Templin.

WARNING: Contains graphic violence and explicit sex scenes.

Zombies, trolls, critters, vigilantes, serial killers, a deadly stapler, torture, and porn: it’s everything you want and more on a Monday date night.

In this program

Matt & Dan: Zombie Ex

Directed by Will Gordh

Having not seen your ex for a long time after an awkward breakup, what do you do when you encounter him during the zombie apocalypse?

Bathroom Troll

Directed by Aaron Immediato

Move over, Carrie. When a clique of mean girls bully Cassie for not looking like a girl, her deep rage unleashes a revenge troll that lurks in the bathrooms.

Conversion Therapist

Directed by Bears Rebecca Fonte

A pansexual, polyamorous trio kidnap a pray-the-gay-away evangelical conversion therapist and torture him until he sees the light.

Killer Date

Directed by Colton Tran

Quiet and awkward aspiring serial killer, Ed Larson, asks his next target on a date in an attempt to add another notch to his murder belt, but things don’t go as planned.

Fish Tank

Directed by Neal Mulani

When a college student goes to his first hook-up with a mysterious older man, he must determine if his anxieties point to a darker truth about his host for the night.

The Office is Mine

Directed by Michael Varrati

Fueled by paranoia that his status as the go-to gay guy in the office is at risk, Zac must find a way to neutralize the threat of the gay new hire.

Stigma (Estigma)

Directed by David Velduque

It’s Friday night, the bell rings and Alex opens the door to the worst of his fears.


Directed by Noel Alejandro

Consumed by guilt from hiding his HIV status from his boyfriend Evaristo, Miguel must find a way to reveal his secret to stop dark thoughts from permeating his dreams. This short film contains sexually explicit scenes.

Dates & Times


Little Theatre 1

Mon, Oct 14
8:45 pm