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Program 31: The Blonde One (Un Rubio)

Directed by Marco Berger

In Spanish with English subtitles.

WARNING: Strong sexual content and nudity.

Argentinian director Marco Berger has carved out a niche for himself creating deeply sensual films that explore ideas of male sexuality, machismo, and friendship within Latin culture. With films like Taekwondo and Plan B, the filmmaker seems fascinated by stories about men and the hidden desires they can’t help but explore.

In need of a new roommate after his brother moves out of the shabby apartment they share in Buenos Aires, Juan (Gaston Re) offers the extra room to his handsome work colleague, Gabriel (Alfonso Barón) who’s in need of a place to crash.

Gabriel doesn’t talk much – Juan’s mates soon start referring to him as “the mute” when they come by for a few rounds of beer and football. Though there’s a clear, immediate attraction between the two men, it remains unacknowledged at first. But Gabriel finds it increasingly hard (pun intended) to keep his eyes off his roommate when he wanders around the flat naked after the amorous visits of his determined ex-girlfriend Natalia (Melissa Falter).

The sexual tension between Juan and Gabriel builds to a fever pitch as the men continue to circle one another. Furtive glances, loaded silences, and lingering touches go a long way in demonstrating why Marco Berger’s movies tend to feel like some of the horniest around.

The Blonde One balances its endless supply of eye candy with some intriguing ideas about sexual attraction and masculinity. There’s even a dose of genuine heart thanks to Gabriel’s tender visits with his young daughter, who loves him unconditionally. These threads combine with the lead actors’ naturalistic performances and Berger’s sure directorial hand to make a film that’s the perfect blend of sexy and sweet.

~ Adam Lubitow

Awards & Accolades

  • Jury Award, Best LGBTQ Film – Molodist International Film Festival (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Men’s Spotlight Film – OUTshine Film Festival (Miami)
  • Official Selection – Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival
  • Officisl Selection – BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico)
  • Official Selection – Reeling Chicago LGBTQ+ Int’l Film Festival

Dates & Times


Little Theatre 1

Fri, Oct 18
7:45 pm