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Program 37: Safe Space (Shorts)

Our 2019 Shorts Programs are made possible through the gererosity of longtime ImageOut supporters David D. Emert and Jon P. Templin.

From these LGBTQ youth stories of hope, bravery, and resilience, you have got to believe that the kids will be alright.

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In this program


Directed by Jake Graf

Featuring young trans actors in trans roles, Listen honestly and frankly depicts some of the myriad struggles experienced daily by trans children and teenagers, giving a much needed voice to this often maligned segment of the community.

Sweetheart Dancers

Directed by Ben-Alex Dupris

Sean and Adrian, a Two-Spirit couple, are determined to rewrite the rules of Native American culture through their participation in the “Sweetheart Dance.” This celebratory contest is held at powwows across the country, primarily for heterosexual couples … until now.

Involuntary Activist

Directed by Mikael Bundsen

An openly gay teacher must choose a course of action when his sister asks him to step back into the closet for her wedding in Turkey.


Directed by Michael Beddoes

Seventeen-year-old Paul Bigsby has only one dream at the moment: to be a proper drag queen.


Directed by Alyssa Lerner

In this comedic coming-of-age story set during the 2008 financial crisis, a Filipina teenager struggles with her parents avoiding the reality of their home foreclosure and her growing realization that she’s in love with her female best friend.

In A Moment (In einem moment)

Directed by Sharlin Lucia

It took meeting Leon for Max to finally realize his true self. But can he truly leave his little fortress to finally see the world?


Directed by Javier Molina

It’s Halloween and 11-year-old Sammy wants to dress up as a superhero … the one with an invisible jet and lasso.

The One You Never Forget

Directed by Morgan Jon Fox

Fourteen-year-old Carey nervously prepares for his first school dance and must decide if he’ll let his curious father meet his date or not.

Dates & Times


Little Theatre 1

Sun, Oct 20
1:00 pm